Not working on 5. On the PSP Slim 4. REAL heavily, that is. Experiencing a little delay when playing Hamm’s stage. I’m halfway through the game. Confirmed by j1ggy using 4.

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Should load Vision fine. New update – works flawlessly under 5. Multidisk, I had some trouble with the second disk, but I used 3. I didn’t hear one flawless conversation in about an hour of playing. I left it running and it does still run.

Runs fine BUT is not playable as the game does not appear to stream.


Tested by SephirothX 5. Battles run perfectly, although later spells may change this unable to test this myself.

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Tested in Popsloader 3. The Resurrection Dracula 2: There is a save point just before the disc switch, save here.


By 2PS Alone in the Dark: Unlike the post above, the game does not freeze on the boot. Play until after the disc switch, save and quit I didn’t try it with any other, I just chose that option first. Multidisk, confirmed with 3. Re-converted game using all compressions, encountered same glitch.


Tested by Finstern 3. Tested by SephirothX Works fine on 4.

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Tested on Firmware 3. Working fine in 3. Will update when completed – Hitcher.

Still playable using other POPS, but you can’t save or load your progress game freezes. Tested by Milkymoocowmoo, 4. Locks up when you go to teleport at the basement at the beginning of the game.

I finished it without any problem. Music impaalerpsx longer stutters. This is the one Impaalerpsx game that impalrepsx be emulated on any platform.

Unknown – was there actually a PAL release made?

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Tested by MasterTurkey 5. Id try playing the whole game just on 3. Intro is played slightly too fast, gameplay seems perfect otherwise 5. This time the game will really start till the screen with New Game and Continue. Hangs on startup, enter the Controller Settings menu by pressing “Home” impalwrpsx exit, and the game will load normally, runs perfectly to completion with a multidisc eboot.


Como converter PSX ISO para Eboot

I’m almost 6 hours into the game and so far no freezes or crashes. Chose either option and it will ask for the first cd.

Works fine, music doesn’t play. Repeated the above, and it failed. Freezes after boot screen. Works perfect in 5. As mentioned above, the game tends to freeze after playing ingame engine generated cutscenes prerendered CGI cutscenes do not cause the game to freeze Here is what I did: Fake japeneses ID won’t work anymore.